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We saw Nepal coming online and then we figured our next step, to keep the buzz going. Nepzy is here for the one sought after thing in both, online and offline life – efficiency. So, while you enjoy the benefits of smart devices cushioned on wireless internet, NEPZY is here to make life in NEPal eaZY in a much more efficient way, with a bit of a jazz.

We are Nepal’s first utility platform finding ways for you to get the work done while sitting in the comfort of your home or on the move and in a rush. We’re a team of enthusiastic young people working to mold technology in a way that it improves and relaxes life. You can now find solutions to all your bill payment and recharge worries online right here. We not only dial down the worry, with our tour packages and flight bookings, we turn up some enjoyment too. With the number of internet service subscribers in the country crossing the 10-million mark, it’s time we thought that being online served people simply and promptly in everyday life.

Our vision takes us beyond utility provision in Nepal to a vast array of services around the globe. We hope our experience here helps us in this endeavor. The devices in our palms are channels to make life stress-free and it seems with this beginning, we surely will.

You can know more about here: www.facebook.com/nepzy.nepal

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PHONE: +977-1-4426684